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If you’re looking for a Venetian plaster expert in the Surrey area, call on the professional at Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts, where you’ll find experienced professionals who can give you the best-looking Venetian Plaster finishes around.

Venetian Plaster is a coating technique that uses Venetian plaster layers with a spatula creating a smooth surface with a marble effect.

The Venetian plaster is an ancient technique of stucco application, but it was the Venetian masters of the Renaissance who gave the utmost expression and beauty to this technique.

Throughout the years, innovations and developments with Venetian plaster and other decorative painting techniques have gone through changes that your experienced painting professionals are very familiar with.

Venetian Plaster Color Options

Venetian plaster can help you with decorating your more excellent Surrey area homes and businesses. Whether you’re planning to finish the interior or exterior, there are perfect techniques in Venetian plaster that will look great with suitable color options.

There are now more colors available within the Venetian plaster technique that have been added to the original lime and marble mixture ingredients.

With more color options, you have more choices than ever before. Our color consultation can help you choose suitable finishes and bright colors for the spaces you’re looking to upgrade.

Durable Venetian Plaster Materials

Venetian plaster is also now more consistent, making it smoother to apply and much more durable. There are thousands of design combinations we can come up with when using our Venetian plaster faux painting techniques.

Combine this age-old technique with the latest technology and highest quality materials now available for us to make use of, and we have a very long list of options for your home or commercial decorating projects. Set your imagination free and let your walls be our canvass!

Have the Best-Looking Walls in Surrey with Venetian Plaster?

Dressing your walls with faux finishes like Venetian plaster gives you a beautiful, smooth finished wall that’s stunning. You can use Venetian plaster for any decorative style from classic, to the old world, to modern and contemporary.

There’s so much you can do with this faux finish that will give you beautiful results that bring depth and interest to your interior or exterior walls.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  •      Venetian Plaster Installation
  •      Venetian Plaster Repair
  •      Venetian Plaster Decoration
  •      Drywall Repair
  •      Drywall Installation
  •      And more!

Whether you have commercial or residential properties, you’ll love what Venetian plaster techniques can do to enhance the elegance and sophistication of your space.

Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts can handle all your plastering needs: Blueboard, plaster, drywall, Venetian, ornamental, stucco.

Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts have certified craftsperson who will always give you the best quality service for your project.


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