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Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts

Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts

We are Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts!

 Working alongside interior designers, commercial contractors, and architects nationwide, Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts sets the standards in applying Venetian plaster.

Every given project here at Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts transforms a simple room into a timeless, elegant, contemporary, and classical design.

We are one of Surrey’s leading experts in providing Venetian plaster and decorative plaster to wall and ceiling finishes. We offer a bespoke service to residential and commercial clients, leaving you with a stunning, superior decorative wall finish of Venetian plaster.

We are Surrey’s No.1 Leading Experts in all types of Venetian Plaster Finishes.

From studio apartments to lavish country homes, our designs have covered a broad range of styles and brought many aspirations to life. All projects are approached with professional enthusiasm and unparalleled attention to detail.

Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts have always been highly successful in providing homeowners with all types of finishes. We provide an incredibly unique and first-class Venetian plastering service to residential and commercial clients.


No matter where you are in Surrey, we will do our very best to get to you as quickly as possible. Contact us right now and avail of our top-notch Venetian plastering service in Surrey, BC!

How We Got Started

We are Surrey’s No.1 Venetian plastering experts. We have over 11 years of experience in Venetian plaster installation, decoration, and repair.

Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts are providing the surrey residents with superior Venetian plastering services since 2010. 

Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts is a Venetian plaster company with state-of-the-art tools and techniques and a competent team of experts. We pride ourselves on being the experts of Venetian plastering service providers in Surrey.

Avail of our top-notch services for Venetian Plastering in Surrey at very affordable prices.


Contact Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts and get a no-obligation, FREE estimation for our hassle-free Venetian plastering service in Surrey, BC!

Residential and Commercial

Do you have plans to renovate your house in the future? Like most other homeowners, you want your interior to look stylish, elegant, and unique. Venetian Plastering is highly durable as well as utterly unique.

Our experts at Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts will transform your simple, plain residential and commercial property walls into structures that appear stylish and distinct.

Venetian plaster is frequently used in the construction of corporate buildings and modish homes. At Surrey Venetian Plaster Experts, we specialize in decorative wall finishes such as Venetian Plastering and can create customized wall finishes using the highest-quality materials.

Benefits of this type of finish are provided to both commercial and residential interiors.

Venetian Plastering is made up of lime putty & marble dust. This can create a highly polished finish to walls & ceilings, which can offer a stunning marble effect. As a result, it is highly versatile and suitable for use in almost any setting.

The diversity that Venetian plaster provides is almost endless, and it can also be used to create a heavily textured look offering a stony, rock-type finish in virtually any color to suit all interior spaces.

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